Responsible employer

At Norconsult, we focus on combining cutting-edge technical expertise with understanding our clients’ situation and needs. This requires that we attract qualified employees who are curious and have a positive attitude. We seek in particular those who are willing to take initiative, assume personal responsibility and contribute to a good dialogue with our clients. In our recruitment work, we focus strongly on social and traditional media to attract and communicate with both new graduates and experienced candidates as potential new employees. 


Everyone at Norconsult shall have equal opportunities and rights, regardless of gender or other personal attributes. We are making a focused effort to increase both diversity and the percentage of women in the company, and have made progress in this area. 36 per cent of the new graduates we recruited to Norconsult AS (Norway) in 2019 were women.

The total percentage of women in the Norconsult Group has increased to 33 per cent. At Nordic – Office of Architecture the percentage of women is almost 47 per cent, while at Norconsult AB (Sweden) it is approximately 40 per cent.

We will continue to work to increase diversity and the percentage of women at Norconsult, both in our operating units and in the recruitment of new managers. Norconsult has set itself a goal of having at least 40 per cent women in all units, as well as a guideline of having at least one female candidate in the final interview round in all recruitments processes for management positions.


Norconsult works actively to ensure we do not breach internationally recognised principles and guidelines related to human and employee rights, as well as corruption. Norconsult has a whistleblower channel where any employee can report censurable matters and any breaches of the Group’s ethical guidelines. All our employees complete an annual e-learning course on ethics. On the course, employees have to consider ethical dilemmas that are relevant to Norconsult’s activities. All Group employees sign an annual electronic declaration stating that they have read and understood and will comply with our ethical guidelines. Our general principle for ethics states that all our behaviour shall bear public scrutiny.

In countries with a high risk of corruption, Norconsult systematically checks the contractual parties in advance with regard to integrity and ethics (Integrity Due Diligence). Suppliers to our activities in the Nordic region are followed up with respect to ethics by all the significant suppliers and business partners signing the Group’s principles for – and a declaration of – ethical standards for business partners.