The Hardanger bridge


Norconsult has some of Norway's leading bridge engineers with broad experience and expertise in all bridge types. We work with digitalisation and sustainability in practice and are world-leading within digital engineering.

We engineer suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, floating bridges, free cantilever bridges, arch bridges, beam bridges, slab bridges, truss bridges, swing bridges and other transportation structures. All our bridges can be engineered in x dimensions (4D, 5D, xD - BIM xD). 

We have expertise in all bridge materials, such as concrete, steel, and wood, as well as extensive knowledge of bridge retrofitting and rehabilitation. We also perform bridge inspections. 

When designing bridges, we make assessments together with our clients regarding sustainability, project execution, aesthetics, lifespan and economic considerations. This is often done in collaboration with several of our other engineering and architectural disciplines, and we can bring in complementary expertise from all disciplines at Norconsult. Our bridge engineers are involved in all planning phases from simple feasibility studies and pilot projects to construction plans and follow-up. 

Typical services we provide include: 

  • Design of long-span bridges 
  • Design of bridges and transportation structures in multi-disciplinary projects 
  • Leading experts and cutting-edge methods for better sustainability in projects 
  • Digital design and drawing-free constructions (BIM xD) for better quality 

Contact persons

Asbjørn Gjerding-Smith

Head of department Bridges

Eirik Wie Furunes

Team leader long span bridges

Magnar Myhre

Project director long span bridges

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Leirfjord Bridge

  • Bridges

Norconsult has designed Leirfjord Bridge, which will become Norway's 3rd longest suspension bridge span. Steep and inaccessible terrain led to a new and creative construction method for a large suspension bridge.

Åstfjord Bridge

  • Bridges

Norconsult has optimized the solution and done the complete design, as well as provided technical supervision for the construction of a new bridge over Åstfjorden in Trøndelag.

The swing bridge

  • Bridges

Norconsult had the concept development, preliminary design, tender documentation, and detailed design for the Swing Bridge. The steel truss bridge is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge located next to the Skansen railway bridge in Trondheim, the protected bascule bridge that carries the railway over the Skansenløpet. The bridge connects the pedestrian and bicycle path along the northern bypass road on Brattøra and Ila. The bridge allows boats to pass through the Skansenløpet approximately 1500 times per year.

Trysfjord bridge

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Trysfjord Bridge, with its main span of 260m, was at the time of construction the largest bridge in the world that is fully digital in both design and construction.