Our own footprint

Our activities are primarily office-based, and therefore do not cause any significant discharges to water or emissions to the air.

Despite the fact that greenhouse gas reductions in an individual project can, for example, exceed the emissions from our own activities, we still aim to minimise our own footprint.

Under the Eco-Lighthouse scheme Norconsult AS (Norway) reports annually on the working environment, waste, energy consumption, procurement and transport. Since 2018, we have prepared internal greenhouse gas accounts to identify our key climate impacts and implement effective measures to reduce these.

From 2019, the company has set a target of reducing CO2 emissions from its own operations by five per cent annually. This means that our greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 ) must increase by less than the company’s value creation.

Norconsult prepares greenhouse gas accounts for its own operations, based on information on business travel, energy used for lighting and heating offices and waste from office operations. Norconsult AB (Sweden) has set itself a goal of being climate-neutral by 2045.

Norconsult systematically strives to reduce theenvironmental and climate impact of its own operations, and to engage our employees in improvement measures. Mapping and reducing our own footprint, and the way we manage our internal processes, will give the company and employees tangible examples of how we can reduce our CO2emissions and energy consumption through our attitudes and actions in the workplace.

Increased awareness among managers and employees increases our expertise and improves our ability to integrate sustainability into our projects.

Norconsult has established routines for considering the external environment in the same way as other issues in our projects and our own activities. In 2019, the management system in Norway was certified in accordance with ISO 14001, Environmental management systems, a standard to which Norconsult AB in Sweden has been certified for many years.

Norconsult in Norway has been certified under the Eco-Lighthouse scheme for a number of years, and in 2019 the company was recertified in accordance with the scheme’s new criteria for consulting engineers and architects. The certifications confirm that we have established routines and comply with these across the organisation. The certifications also provide welcome extra impetus for its internal improvement processes through annual and periodical external audits.


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Elisabeth Hofgaard Lycke
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