We can help promote sustainable development by giving the best advice to our clients on how to reduce their project’s climate footprint and energy consumption. We regard nine of the UN’s sustainable development goals as most relevant to Norconsult.

In a wider context, for us at Norconsult sustainability and sustainable development mean prioritising the environment, social issues and finance. Sustainability arises is the interface between these three areas.

Sustainability is a foundation stone of our consultancy activities. Through creative and innovative processes we give advice and develop sustainable solutions that are put to use and create value for our clients and society. We aim to contribute to sustainable development of society and slow down negative trends related to reduced biodiversity and global warming.

Norconsult has decided that the place where we have leading expertise and can therefore make the greatest contribution to projects is in the environmental sphere of sustainability.

We believe that the advice we give to developers of projects, both large and small, is where we have the best opportunity to contribute to sustainable business. Norconsult has identified the most effective way the Group’s disciplines and services can contribute to achievement of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

To contribute to sustainable solutions, during this strategy period Norconsult will focus in particular on ensuring that our clients receive good advice on how they can reduce their project’s footprint (greenhouse gas emissions/CO2-equivalents) and energy consumption (kWh), in engineering design, construction, maintenance, operations, and recycling or demolition.