Nuozhaodu Hydropower Project
Nuozhaodu Hydropower Project
Norconsult is carrying out the consultancy services for the project. The Nuozhadu Hydropower Project is located in Yunan Province, China, close to the boundaries to Thailand and Myanmar (Burma), in the downstream part of the Lancang (Mekong) River.

The project is under construction utilizing 187m head in 9 units with a total install capacity of 5850 MW. It is planned to be completed in June 2015.

The earth and rockfill dam is 261.5m high. The underground powerhouse complex consists of three major caverns, i.e. the machine hall (418m x 31m x 81.6m; length x width x height), the transformer hall (346m x 19m x 23.6m) and three tailrace tunnel surge chambers (shafts of  33m diameter after concrete lining and height of 92m), with overburden from 184m to 220m.

Yunnan Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Corp. Ltd is responsible for the development of the project.

Nuozhadu Underground Powerhouse Complex

Excavation of the Machine Hall Crown

The two Norconsult specialists Arild Palmstrøm and Ziping Huang, (to the right) together with engineers from the Client, the designer and the contractor.

The advisory services, lasting untill the end of 2009, include numerical modeling of the excavation and reinforcement of the rock masses surrounding the powerhouse complex, back analysis of the rock masses properties based on monitoring data and engineering experience, prediction and evaluation of the stability of the rock masses and the rock support design, in combination with site visit consulting.

Ziping Huang, Arild Palmstrom and Anton Gjorven from Norconsult, in addition to Professor Einar Broch from NTNU, participate in this project. Our Chinese partner QYEC will cooperate with Norconsult on this project.

This is the fifth in a number of large project in China that Norconsult has been invovlved in, after Ertan, Jinping, Three Gorges and Xiluodu hydropower projects.

Contact: Ziping Huang


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