The Songwe-Tunduma road rehabilitation project covers the 70 km long section of the Tanzam international trunk road connecting to the Tanzania/Zambia border crossing at Tunduma. The existing facility was probably constructed between 1968 and 1970, and as far as we know no reseals or overlays have been applied since its construction. The 1996 AADT was estimated to a little over 400 vehicles, half of which were cars/pick-ups, about one quarter bus traffic and the rest fairly heavy truck/trailer traffic.

In 1997 Norconsult carried out a feasibility study including an environmental impact assessment and subsequently designed the required rehabilitation and reconstruction works. The rehabilitation comprised mainly strengthening of the pavement, some improve¬ment to the drainage system with better erosion protection and the introduction of physical traffic safety measures. The Tazara railway crosses the road at two locations, one overpass and one underpass, and in both cases the structures were found to be in good condition, but with great settlement of the fill on top of the railway viaduct which has to be rebuilt and properly compacted.

Services Provided:
• Tendering services including evaluation
• Complete Construction Supervision services, including;
  Topographic control, Materials quality control, Construction procedures quality control, Design control, Progress control, Financial control, Environmental monitoring, Training.

Client: Ministry of Works