UN Sustainability Goals

Norconsult aims to be a driving force of sustainable development in our industry, and has identified the most effective way our disciplines and services can contribute to achievement of the UN’s sustainable development goals. 

Of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals we have selected nine that we regard as most relevant to Norconsult, since it is in these areas we possess leading expertise and can do the most to contribute to environmentally beneficial solutions.

We shall make the UN’s sustainable development goals our own, and use our expertise to influence our clients to choose sustainable solutions. We deliver quality in everything we do, in a safe and sustainable manner, to increase the competitiveness of our clients.

We use our know-how to enhance the world around us. We secure sustainable solutions in all projects, both in the construction phase and finished solutions. Together with our partners we constantly strive to develop new solutions that are put to use and create value for our clients and society.

We use smart processes to contribute to the development and realisation of sustainable projects.


Profile picture of Janicke Garmann
Janicke Garmann
EVP Norway/Regions & Sustainability
Profile picture of Bente Gjerstad
Bente Gjerstad
Director of Safety & Environment