SolarHouse - Low in energy, high in comfort

Is it possible to build a building in the Middle East that is energy autonomous, air-conditioned, quiet and simultaneously light and airy? Yes, we believe it is. Norconsult have developed a building concept including an efficient system for storing energy that is revolutionary and cost effective when compared to traditional battery techniques.
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Midroc, FOI
Middle East
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Patent pending no. GCC 2007/9483

For the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, solar energy is the most accessible and economic alternative energy source. The disadvantage is that peak production is not according to peak-load. In summertime, cooling (AC) stands for more than 80% of the peak-load and the peak is normally between 4 pm to 8 pm. The peak production from solar cells is between 9 am to 3 pm. The energy needs to be stored from daytime to afternoon /evening. SolarHouse solves this problem in a simple and economic way. 

The system has many advantages such as, self-sufficient, reliable improved components, noiseless, etc. The air-conditioning system, the main energy consumer, is powered by a solar photovoltaic power system which is integrated in the roof. The concept can be used in all kinds of building projects such as apartment blocks, office- and public buildings as well as private housing.

SolarHouse results in between 75% and 100% less electricity cost (dependent on the size of photovoltaic system) and between 75% and 100% saving on CO2 emission (dependent on the size of photovoltaic system).

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