Kvarteret Hunden - Extracting heat from the ground

Norrporten is investing approximately 600 million SEK in a new blocks along Storgatan in the center of Luleå. The quarter achieve environmental classification Miljöbyggnad Gold by extracting heat from the solar energy stored in the ground. We at Norconsult has, among other things investigated the different energy options and energy simulations conducted.
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Kvarteret Hunden
Luleå, Sweden
Time span:
Key figures:
<p>Area: 32 000 sq.m.<br />Budget: 600 million SEK</p>

One of Luleå's more well-known houses is situated in the quarter, Ebenezer church from 1905 with its mixture of Gothic Revival and Art Nouveau is listed as a protected building. The church has now been supplemented with a property complex of garages, offices, shops, apartments and hotels with conference facilities, SPA and a restaurant.

The property has been certified according SGBC's (Sweden Green Building Council) environmental classification Gold and all building materials are environmentally certified in accordance to Byggvarubedömningen. To minimize the environmental impact and energy needs the geoenergy in the ground under the block is being utilized, in a so called aquifer. Aquifer provides both cooling and heating of the premises. Despite that Luleå has got Sweden's cheapest district heating, it is being used in Kvarteret Hunden just as peak heat at very low temperatures.

We at Norconsult has in the project investigated the different energy options and energy simulations conducted. We have also determined the U-values for the building envelope and projected heating, cooling, sanitary and sprinklers and have been responsible for the installation coordination. The houses are extra isolated and the doors and windows have low U-values. The housing complex is very energy efficient and is expected to consume 41.3 kWh/sq.m. Atemp.

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