Green Ammonia - Pre-feasibility and concept study for large-scale ammonia production plant

Norconsult performed Pre-feasibility and Conceptual Study for design and development of large-scale green hydrogen and ammonia plant. Ammonia is intended to be produced solely using wind and solar electricity production.  End-consumers are initially intended to be European importers and later, fueling of ammonia as bunker fuel for ships passing through the Suez Canal.

Project name
Green Ammonia - Pre-feasibility and concept study for large-scale ammonia production plant
Time span
Key figures
o Ammonia production: 1M tons / year
o PV capacity: 1,8 GW
o Wind capacity: 2,0 GW
o Electrolyzer capacity: 1470 MW
o H2 buffer storage: 188 tons
o Ammonia pipeline: 16 km
o Liquid ammonia storage capacity: 2 x 30 000 tons


Norconsult was engaged by a client regarding conceptual design of a green ammonia production plant in Egypt.

The assignment includes conceptual sizing of proposed installed electrolyser and ammonia production capacity in relation to solar and wind electricity production capacity, in order to minimize levelized cost of ammonia (LCOA).

The project includes new solar and wind production capacity, a new 500kV substation, electrolyzers, pressurized hydrogen buffer storage, ammonia production, and liquid ammonia storage tanks.


Norconsult deliverables were among others, box level design, system sizing simulations, preliminary layouts, process flow diagrams, electricity, gas and water flows, CAPEX/OPEX estimates, site selection, financial modelling and calculation of LCOA.

Norconsult also assisted on vendor identification, cost comparison with other projects, and extensive support on client’s dialogue with Egyptian authorities.


Norconsult deliverables has formed the financial and technical basis for project presentations towards the Egyptian authorities, in order to secure a suitable site.

Norconsult is currently contributing in the pre-FEED phase on the ammonia facility plot plan, pipeline routing to port facilities and site selection for ammonia storage tank construction. 

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