Norconsult maintains its guidelines related to the corona situation

22.April 2020

Norconsult maintains the guidelines the company introduced, and has adhered to, since March 12. We continue to work from home while staying well connected with clients in digital channels.

Norconsult adheres to the guidelines set by the government and the health authorities. We encourage, and maintain, measures related to hand washing, social distancing, and working from home – for those able to. The company also maintains restrictions and guidelines for travel and gatherings of more than five people.

 Close contact with clients and high efficiency

Although the corona situation means that everyday life is different from before, we work closely with our clients and partners to maintain progress in our projects. Our experience so far is that this works well. A recent internal survey regarding the corona situation, in which almost 3,000 employees responded, shows that most employees feel they have good and efficient working days without significant interruptions or disruptions. This combined with a high level flexibility from our clients, enables us to maintain the momentum of most of our projects.

Norconsult monitors the situation closely and will update clients and partners if the situation changes. We also encourage you to contact us if more information is needed.


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Kjetil Ekkeren
Senior Communications Advisor