Norconsult helps European Energy to realize Scandinavia's largest solar power plant

08.September 2020

Danish renewable energy-company European Energy plans to build a 240-hectare solar park just outside Helsingborg, Sweden, where Norconsult has been hired for expert services in grid connection, planning and design

The future solar plant in Svedberga is planned to be Scandinavia's largest at 130 megawatts, which can be equated with one of Sweden's larger wind farms. The energy from the solar plant will be able to heat 7,000 villas or run 56,000 electric cars for an entire year.

- Svedberga's solar power plant is a very exciting project that will set a completely new standard for solar power farms in Sweden. We will deliver expert services in grid connection, planning and design right up to the finished facility, says Kozelka.

- The development of solar power systems is going at a furious pace. In 2019, parks of 20 megawatts were marketed as Sweden's largest. We are now planning a park of just over seven times this capacity just a year later, says Johan Jalvemo, department manager for Transmission & Distribution at Norconsult.

Collaborating with companies that drive fossil-free development forward is entirely in line with Norconsult's strategy, says Jalvemo.- Norconsult has strategically chosen to invest wholeheartedly in expert services that promote renewable energy production, such as solar, wind and hydropower. It is by running these projects, with progressive companies such as Europeean Energy, that Sweden will achieve its goals of a fossil-free energy system by 2040, he concludes.


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Catharina Johansson
Communications Manager, Sweden