Norconsult acquires Johnels & Moberg Arkitekter

01.March 2019

Norconsult’s acquisition of Johnels & Moberg Arkitekter signals its entry into a new customer segment in Gothenburg, Sweden. During its 35 years in business, Johnels & Moberg have worked primarily on projects for the automotive industry and its dealerships nationwide. “Working together to offer automotive facilities as a new service area is an exciting prospect,” says Norconsult’s Business Area Manager, Marcus Rydbo.

The automotive industry is an interesting business sector that is rapidly switching to sustainable transport solutions, and Norconsult aims to be part of that transition. Through this acquisition, Norconsult gains expertise in a customer segment that is a good match for the company’s existing focus on sustainability and its integrated approach.

Michael Moberg, founder and current owner of Johnels & Moberg Arkitekter, is selling the business but will remain on staff at Norconsult.

“Being part of Norconsult will give us a welcome increase in access to the competence resources that are generally needed in our projects, such as designers, interior architects, landscape architects, urban planners and environmental experts,” he says. “Norconsult’s nationwide organisations in both Sweden and Norway will facilitate our work with Volvo, Renault and Ford’s dealerships. We are really looking forward to becoming part of Norconsult and being able to provide an even better service to our clients.”

Following its acquisition, Johnels & Moberg Arkitekter will be entirely incorporated into Norconsult’s Architecture segment, which will then have a staff of just over 160 people in Sweden working on construction, interior and landscape design, and urban planning.

“We look forward to welcoming these highly proficient employees into our fold, and it will be exciting to work with them in the automotive sector,” says Norconsult’s Business Area Manager Marcus Rydbo.



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