Norconsult acquires Arkitekthuset Monarken in Sweden

14.June 2018

Norconsult are expanding in Sweden, and are now further strengthening the company’s architecture and building design capabilities with the acquisition of the Swedish company Arkitekthuset Monarken. The deal positions Norconsult as one of the ten largest architect firms in Sweden.

Norconsult acquires Arkitekthuset Monarken in Sweden. (Photo: Norconsult)
Norconsult acquires Arkitekthuset Monarken in Sweden. (Photo: Norconsult)

Following the acquisition, Norconsult AB will have have around 170 employees in architecture, building design and urban planning in Sweden. In total, the Norconsult group will have approximately 550 architects in the Nordic region.

Monarken has 45 architects, interior designers and engineers located in Luleå and Piteå in northern Sweden. Over a number of years the company has built up a broad project portfolio, including schools, housing and office buildings, as well as well as health and care facilities. With Monarken on board, Norconsult strengthens its position in architecture and building design in northern Sweden. Current owners Per Sandkvist, Hans Kohkoinen, Magnus Kieri and Peter Renberg will continue as part of the Norconsult organisation.

“Teaming up with Norconsult will allow our business to continue to develop and adapt to the changing needs of the market. Norconsult has a corporate culture very much in line with our own, so joining up with Norconsult felt like a natural move for us,” explains Per Sandkvist, Managing Director of Arkitekthuset Monarken.

“Norconsult and Monarken have a long and successful track record of working together, and we wish a warm welcome to Monarken’s talented staff,” says Marcus Rydbo, Business Area Manager in Norconsult AB. “Monarken is a company very much like Norconsult in terms of culture, values and methods, and I firmly believe that our organisations will work very well together. We are looking forward to moving forward in the north together with Monarken,” continues Rydbo.