Look into the future of ports with gamification

24.August 2018

During this year’s Arendalsuke Norconsult showcased the demo version of the gaming world of Kristiansand ferry terminal.

Don’t miss the opportunity to look into the future with the following link. 

Ports all over the world are facing a range of major changes due to a variety of factors such as increased freight volumes, new environmental regulations, and several other drivers. But complex restructuring and re-organisation of large ports and harbour-areas bring many complex challenges. A new tool being developed to enhance this process, reduce uncertainties and improve the design basis is ‘gamification’. Norconsult takes a great role in the development of this tool.

“Gaming” development tools

Gamification is based on a digital 3D model of the project area, which is further processed using ‘gaming’ development tools. The project area is thus converted into a Virtual Reality world where users can move around, handle objects, operate machinery and test new plans and developments.

“In a fully developed game world of a port area, the possibilities are endless”, says Onno Musch, Section manager for harbours and coastal engineering at Norconsult.

Some examples include; running simulations of challenging freight loads and situations, simulating emergency escape exercises, practicing new logistical operations, running training courses for personnel and visualisations for stakeholders, retrieving design data from constructions (MOM documents) and simulation of future autonomous solutions.

Norconsult AS in Norway has gradually gained a solid experience and expertise in the field of 'gamification' through various large infrastructure projects.

“Our imagination is the only limitation to what can be achieved in gamification of ports and harbours”, says Musch.