Happy Women's Day

08.March 2021

Happy International Women’s Day to all women! In recent years, Norconsult has marked Women's Day in several countries where Norconsult is represented. And we will do it again this year.

Norconsult employees celebrate international Women's Day
Norconsult employees celebrate international Women's Day

- At Norconsult, we focus on both equality and diversity, and the importance of this when we solve our projects. My experience from many years in the business-world is that the quality of both deliveries and decisions improves with a diverse team. The increase in the total proportion of women in the company is going in the right direction, but the group still has a job to do to recruit more women, says CEO Egil Hogna.

The 40/60-goal
Norconsult aims to have a 40/60 distribution of women and men both in operative units and when recruiting new managers. This means that some units need to increase the proportion of women, while for some other departments it will be relevant to increase the number of men. When recruiting for management positions, we shall always have at least one female candidate in the last round of interviews.

In the Norconsult Group, there are currently 32 per cent women and 29 per cent female managers. In Norconsult in Norway, 31.3 per cent are women and 25.5 per cent are women in management positions.

Among students and recent graduates, we see a clear increase, and in 2020 the number of female summer interns in Norconsult AS was 41.5 percent.

Norconsult is a diverse company that represents a breadth in both the projects we solve for our customers at home and abroad, and among our more than 4,600 employees.

In Norconsult, all employees shall have equal opportunities and rights regardless of gender, religion, orientation, affiliation with ethnic groups, nationality, or disability. We work purposefully to improve both the overall diversity and the proportion of women in the company.