Awarded AEC Excellence Award for design and construction of Route E39

28.October 2020

Together with partners AF Gruppen and Norconsult Information Systems (NoIS), Norconsult won the international AEC Excellence Awards for digital innovation in the New Roads project E39 Kristiansand west - Mandal east.

First in the industry with a fully digital infrastructure project
When Norconsult was awarded the contract in 2018 for the design of E39 Kristiansand west - Mandal east, the company saw a unique opportunity to fulfill Norwegian road-construction organization Nye Veier’s goal of more innovation and extensive use of technology in Norwegian road projects, and at the same time work towards its own goal of being first in the industry to complete a fully digital infrastructure project. They have now succeeded.

- The international recognition given by the AEC Excellence Awards helps confirm our position as a world leader in the digitization of infrastructure projects, and as a company with a robust culture of change. At the same time, the award is a recognition of the efforts of all the professionals who have worked tirelessly to establish a completely new standard for digital processes and deliveries and created customer value through digital innovation. BIM strategist Gjermund Dahl and project manager Rune Blågestad have, together with our strong team and good partners, shown that ambitious goals lead to development and results, says Sigurd Rugsland, Head of Transportation and Infrastructure at Norconsult.

The digital project implementation on E39 is largely a result of Nye Veier’s very high requirements for digital delivery of all relevant project information. This meant that Norconsult, AF Gruppen and NoIS had to think outside the box. The result was groundbreaking innovation, which resulted in digital solutions, sustainability and new forms of collaboration.

Cut 95 percent of the drawings
The digital, cloud-based insight solution that was developed specifically for the project is based on NoIS' data platform ISY Project. The solution means that all participants in the project can retrieve digital reports, model details, status as FDV and other important information in near real-time quality. This provides an extremely precise overview, which allows the client and other participants to follow up everything from risk, progress, HSE and models, to documentation and MOM information (management, operation and maintenance). The information can be retrieved both online and offline, at the office and on the construction site. ISY Project means that all participants have one common source of information, and for this project, all Norconsult's disciplines have provided structured information in open formats.

- Together, the project has defined the information we need for control, construction and deliveries to MOM. Throughout the project, we have reduced the number of drawings by as much as 95 percent, compared with a traditional delivery, says BIM strategist Gjermund Dahl in Norconsult.

The solution is now ready for scaling and has been used in several new projects within both infrastructure, construction and real estate in Norconsult.

Reduced amount of concrete
In the project, Nye Veier have also set high standards related to sustainability and environment, including CO2 reductions. Through extensive use of parametric analysis and modeling (PAM), Norconsult has enabled a number of optimizations. Among other things, successfully reducing the amount of concrete on the Trysfjord bridge, and thus also the CO2 emissions.

The Trysfjord bridge is also the largest bridge in the world where structural analysis is coupled with the BIM-model, and all building information is communicated to the contractor with the use of IFC format, i.e. no drawings.

Shape the future through collaboration
The E39-project shows how important it is for consultants, clients, contractors, suppliers and developers to work together towards a common goal.

- As partners, we must have a common desire for continuous improvement and adjustment as a company. In addition, we must be willing to take big leaps together in the same direction. Only in this way do we succeed in innovation and in creating lasting change. The unique collaboration with contractor AF Gruppen has been an important success factor for the groundbreaking innovation in this project. At Norconsult, we have no doubt that it is through collaboration that we will shape the future and the industry, and with that we want to thank everyone who has contributed to this project, says project manager Rune Blågestad in Norconsult.

This is the second time a Norconsult project has won the coveted first place in the AEC Excellence Awards. The last time was in 2016, when the Vamma 12 project came in first place in the Energy and Natural Resources-category. Norconsult has been represented in the AEC Excellence Awards in four of the last five years.