Norconsult has done geometric documentation of the Swedish Royal Palace

11. November 2014

For four years, Norconsult has used high-tech photos and laser scanning to document the facade of the Swedish Royal Palace in Stockholm. 

It's been exactly four years since Norconsult began working with the Stockholm Palace, and the historically large facade restoration project started. Norconsult has done the geometric documentation and completed several hundreds of scans and 10,000's of photos from an aerial platform.

Norconsult has documented every square millimeter of the castle's total of about 30,000 m2 facade area and the pictures only includes around 180 gigapixels. 

The laser scanning and all the images have been processed and have resulted in 50 orthophotos at a scale of 1:20. This is probably the biggest project so far in Europe, where high-resolution orthophotos have been used in this way.

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