Norconsult wins international BIM award in USA

21. November 2016

Norconsult’s paperless hydropower project, Vamma 12, has gained the company an international BIM award at the AEC Excellence Awards in the USA.

A total of 162 projects from 29 countries were nominated for the AEC Excellence Awards, which were presented at the Autodesk University Conference in Las Vegas. The Vamma 12 project was nominated in the "Energy and Natural Resources" category. Norconsult was presented with the award for its innovative use of technology on the project. Frode Tørresdal, Marius Jablonskis and Kristoffer Bugge received the award on behalf of Norconsult.

International recognition for targeted BIM focus

"This award is a recognition of Norconsult's targeted focus on BIM, and the company's desire to constantly push boundaries, challenge established truths and dare to explore new avenues. To be regarded as a leader in innovation and receive this recognition from the international BIM community means a great deal to us, and will inspire us in our further endeavours," explained Jablonskis, before adding:

"We highly value our outstanding and inspiring partnership with our client Hafslund and our contractor AF Gruppen, and the confidence they have shown in us on this project. The Vamma 12 project demonstrates what can be achieved through close interdisciplinary cooperation," explained Jablonskis.

Jablonskis and Bugge gave presentations on the Vamma project and paperless projects in general to both small groups and large audiences at the Autodesk University Conference.

Norconsult performs end-to-end project planning and design at Vamma

The Vamma 12 project is currently under construction in Skiptvedt municipality in Østfold, Norway. The entire project is being implemented based on BIM (Building Information Modelling). No drawings are delivered to the construction site, but instead updated digital models including all the information required to build the plant are sent electronically. BIM ensures quality across the project in a number of ways, including by providing full insight into how the completed project will look, facilitating the ongoing coordination of all disciplines and collision detection, reducing errors in execution and providing automated quantity controls, which in turn results in effective cost and progress controls.

Norconsult is responsible for end-to-end project planning and design on the project, and has prepared tender enquiries for construction, machinery and electrical subcontractors. Norconsult's experts on architecture, low-voltage electro, water and wastewater, HVAC, CFD analysis, building engineering, geotechnical engineering and engineering geology are also contributing to the project. The client is Hafslund, and the contractor is AF Gruppen.

About the AEC Excellence Awards

• The AEC Excellence Awards is an international competition featuring 162 submitted contributions from a total of 29 countries.

• Norconsult's winning contribution, Vamma 12, was entered in the Infrastructure and Energy and Natural Resources categories.

• The prize was awarded on the evening of 17 November (Norwegian time) at the international Autodesk University Conference in Las Vegas, USA.

Read more about the Vamma 12 project here.


Norconsult was awarded the international AEC Excellence Awards for the Norwegian hydropower project Vamma 12.
From left: Norconsult's Marius Jablonskis, Kristoffer Bugge and Frode Tørresdal. (Photo: Autodesk).


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