Norconsult supports Doctors Without Borders' efforts in Nepal

05. May 2015

Norconsult is affected by the situation in Nepal. We have long-term presence in Nepal, and we want to help the country and its people after the earthquake.

Nepal has a great need for aid and assistance since the earthquake, and will be depending on it for a long time. The earthquake has claimed more than 7,000 lives and more than 14,000 people are injured and need medical help.

Norconsult is therefore donating NOK 300,000 to support Doctors Without Borders relief efforts in Nepal.

Doctors Without Borders is stepping up and working hard to help those who need it most. They already have 61 field workers in Nepal and more on the way. They have set up inflatable field hospitals and mobile clinics.

For continuous updates on the situation and Doctors Without Borders' work, watch their website and facebook page:


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