Norconsult is now established in New Zealand

08. November 2016

With subsidiaries in Malaysia/Sarawak, the Philippines and now in New Zealand, Norconsult will have more than 100 people working in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

The company will provide a wide range of services within the hydropower, dams and water resources sectors, including planning, scoping and feasibility studies, as well as basic design and tender documents, detailed design and construction supervision, dam safety audits, scheme rehabilitation and asset management.

"An important part of the international strategy is growth in the hydropower market in Southeast Asia and the wider Pacific region. By this establishment we have reached an important milestone", says Jørn Tyrdal, SVP for Asia.

We are now in the process of recruiting a group of 4-6 experienced highly qualified and well-recognized hydropower and dams experts from New Zealand. They all have extensive experience working on international hydropower projects, and are well connected throughout New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

"I am excited to have been given the opportunity to participate in the expansion of Norconsult in this part of the world and to be a member of the Norconsult family. The ability to link up with Norconsult's world-leading experience in hydro and energy infrastructure development will no doubt be of interest to our local and regional client partners", says Graeme Boyd, Managing Director of Norconsult New Zealand.

Norconsult is now established in New Zealand

Front (from left): Chris Dunlop, Imogen Stretton, Chris Lucas.
Back (from left) Suzie Millar, Dean Hassall, Darryl Andrews, Graeme Boyd.
(Photo: Norconsult)


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