Norconsult establishes new group management

06. April 2016

Norconsult establishes new group management. “The changes will help us meet our strategic targets of increased competitiveness and continued profitable growth more quickly”, explains Per Kristian Jacobsen, CEO & President.

The new group management will be operational from 1st May. The group management will consist of individuals with broad expertise and experience who know the business and its culture well. The following people will make up the Group Management Team:

• Bård S. Hernes will be the new EVP for Business area Norway/ Head office in Sandvika. He comes from the position of Divisional Director for Information Technology. Mr. Hernes has worked for Norconsult since 1985 and has had a variety of roles in the group. For the last 15 years he has been Managing Director of the subsidiary Norconsult Informasjon Systems.

• Janicke P. Garmann will be the new EVP for Business area Norway/ Regions. Ms. Garmann has been in Norconsult for 12 years, and comes from the position of Divisional Director for Environment and Safety and Region South-East. Ms. Garmann has previously been Managing Director for the Ecolabel Foundation, and has experience from Hjellnes, COWI and Hordaland County Council, among others.

• Egil Gossé will be the new EVP for Business Area Scandinavia (operations in Sweden and Denmark, as well as Technogarden). He comes from the position of Divisional Director for Technical Systems, Region Mid Norway and Denmark. Mr. Gossé has worked for the group since 1987, and has experience from both international projects and sales, as well as national projects in most of the company's market segments.

• Ola Norderhaug will be EVP for Business area International. He comes from the position of Divisional Director for International. Mr. Norderhaug has been with Norconsult since 1992. He has previously worked for Elteco and ABB, among others.

• Fride Andrea Hærem will be EVP for Staff. She comes from the position of Director for HR, Marketing and IT. Ms. Hærem has previously been HR-Director for the Norwegian Post Office and Organisation Director for Cermaq, and has had accounting and finance roles in various companies including Statkraft, Statkorn, Dyno Industries and Aker.

• Christian B. Nilsen continues in the position of EVP CFO. Mr. Nilsen has previously been CFO for Nord Pool AS, has had various finance director positions internationally in the Alstom group and also has experience from ABB.

New group management in Norconsult 2016. From the left: Ola Norderhaug (EVP Business area International), Christian B. Nilsen (EVP CFO), Fride Andrea Hærem (EVP Staff), Per Kristian Jacobsen (CEO & President), Janicke P. Garmann (EVP Business area Norway/ Regions), Bård S. Hernes (EVP Business area Norway/ Head office) and Egil Gossé (EVP Business Area Scandinavia).


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