Norconsult contributed at AU

19. January 2015

Norconsult represented by Øyvind Engelstad, Marius Jablonskis, Kristoffer Bugge and Waqas Zia Chaudhry contributed to the worldwide engineering professional society at Autodesk University (AU).

AU Las Vegas 2014

AU is the largest event of its kind in the world that yearly takes place in Las Vegas. The event hosts around 10 000 architects, engineers, designers, animators, and industry leaders from all over the world.

The representatives from Norconsult shared knowledge on stage giving multiple lectures on various topics like simulation, seismic analysis, design process optimization, BIM concept development, limitations and workarounds to overcome them.

AU is all about learning new things, connecting with other engineering professionals and exploring new technology. Norconsult's crew utilized these possibilities and gained valuable international experience through networking with potential clients and collaborators, attending sessions, and left the conference with latest professional certificates.

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