New managing director at Norconsult EHF

25. March 2019

Olafsson starts his new assignment on the 1 of April. Olafsson is succeeding Johannes Thorleiksson, who is leaving us for a new job.

Olafsson has a master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering. Before transitioning to OHTL design, Olafsson worked for a short period at Hnit verkfræðistofa as a civil engineer.

In 2017, ARA Engineering was acquired by Norconsult, and soon after Olafsson took the position of managing the structural department in Iceland, now Norconsult EHF.

– I started my career in OHTL design at ARA Engineering in 2013 (ARA was founded in 2010). Business was good and we grew as a company establishing small offices in Norway and Poland with around 25 employees. After some time, we expanded our business from mainly transmission lines to include system analysis, underground cables and substations. I look forward to taking on the new position and to continue working with a great team here at Norconsult, says Olafsson.


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