New CEO in Norconsult

24. June 2014

Per Kristian Jacobsen is no newcomer in Norconsult. After eight years as chairman, he has now taken over after John Nyheim as CEO. 

Per Kristian Jacobsen lives at Siggerud, outside Oslo with his wife and three sons aged 24 to 26 years.

He is equally happy cross-country skiing as running in the forest.
He also closely follows his sons' interest in scouting and football. Originally from Langesund, where he owns a house and boat, Jacobsen is a keen reader, with a particular penchant for crime and history books.

"I take a keen interest in technological developments and am particularly interested in books on the role played by technology in military history," he enthuses. This interest was triggered when he took officer training in the Norwegian Artillery and he spent three years in the Norwegian Armed Forces before starting studies at the then Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH).

Jacobsen has a degree in Engineering Cybernetics at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1984 and over the past 25 years held various management positions in different companies. He has been CEO of Solberg & Andersen AS, IT Fornebu AS and Heidenreich Holding AS and CEO of Tandberg Data ASA. He was moreover, Executive Vice President of Landis & Gyr AG in Switzerland in the 1990s.

Jacobsen qualified as a Msc. in technical cybernetics at NTH in 1984 and over the last 25 years has held various management positions in a number of businesses. His roles have included CEO at Solberg & Andersen AS, IT Fornebu AS and Heidenreich Holding AS, and President of Tandberg Data ASA. He also served as Executive Vice President at Landis & Gyr AG in Switzerland in the 1990s.

A manager – not a boss
"At the start of my career I worked a lot on product development. As time went by I gradually spent more time on commercialisation and markets, and in particular on management theory," explains Jacobsen. He is an advocate of team management and does not regard himself as a boss in the traditional sense.
"At Norconsult the employees really are the Group's most important resource. My and the other managers' role is to establish targets and set directions, and in particular ensure that people work together efficiently to achieve the targets. Naturally the bottom line is important; however, work must also be fun," he smiles.

Norconsult and the future
Jacobsen believes that change management expertise will become increasingly important in future.
"The world is changing at a steadily increasing pace, and we have to stay one step ahead of developments. We have to perform the right analyses and adapt ourselves to new and changing market requirements," comments Jacobsen.

He is at pains to add that there is no simple recipe for success. If we are to succeed as an organisation into the future we, as employees at Norconsult, have to display commitment and have the courage to question the status quo and to dare to think outside the box.
"I have absolutely no doubt that together we will achieve the targets we have set for ourselves. Norconsult is home to many bright minds and I promise to listen to helpful input from the entire organisation," he remarks.

Jacobsen is eager to reinforce a Norconsult culture based on shared
values and principles across the entire Group. He also wishes to preserve Norconsult offices' proximity to the market.
"All businesses are local, but it is important to leverage benefits of scale where possible," he explains. "Ultimately the clients determine the right balance," he continues.

Jacobsen is looking forward to getting to know Group employees and clients and partners in his new role.
"I can't deny I'm looking forward to that," he concludes


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