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06. July 2021

Although it is now possible to do some trips abroad, the authorities still recommend vacationing in their own country this summer. If you are going on a local holiday, you can combine a holiday with taking a look at many exciting and great projects where Norconsult's engineers and architects have worked on in recent years.

If you are going on a Norwegian holiday this year, you can start the journey of discovery on Oslo's new city beach, Operastranda (the Opera Beach), which was opened on 2 July this year. Here, both adults and children can swim and enjoy themselves, right in the center of Oslo. Note that large parts of the beach are made of stone and fill masses from other construction projects in the area. Local and sustainable!

You can experience more swimming, play and fun in Mjøsparken in Brumunddal. By the shores of Lake Mjøsa, Norconsult's engineers, architects and landscape architects have helped to transform the old timber industry site Strandsaga into a small oasis of fun and activities. While in the area, you can look at Mjøstårnet - the world's tallest wooden building.

Another beautiful park with the Norconsult stamp is Mølledammen and Fritz Røed sculpture park at Bryne in Rogaland. The park was completed in 2018 and here the connection to the water is an important part of the project. In order to connect surrounding areas to the water and facilitate experiences related to the water, a number of stairs, piers, terraces and a new footbridge have been planned.

If the sun becomes too hot, and it's time to move indoors, you can visit Cermaq's exhibition center for the aquaculture industry - Arctic Salmon Center - on Hamarøya in Nordland. A stones-throw away from the fish-farm in the fjord you can learn everything you did not know you did not know about the Norwegian aquaculture industry. And, aren't the wall panels Norconsult's architects drew very similar to fish shells?

When you have traveled far and farther than far, it is good to find a good and soft bed - even if the sun never sets. In the realm of the midnight sun, on beautiful Sommarøy in Troms, you will find Sommarøy Arctic Hotel out in the open sea. In addition to fresh fish you can fish from the bedroom window, beautiful views and good service, the hotel also offers the best of Norconsult's hotel expertise.

Every Scandinavian who has been traveling knows that nothing tastes like water at home! Lake Vättern is Sweden's largest lake, and Norconsult has done a great deal of work to map Vättern as a possible source of drinking water for the city of Örebro. However, there is no obstacle to taking a cooling bath in the lake.

If you think it's too cold to swim in Vätteren, maybe Vilundabadet in Upplands-Väsby outside Stockholm is more your thing. The 6,000 square meter bathing facility is a good example of Norconsult's expertise in pools and bathing facilities in an attractive, beautiful and pleasant environment. Do you hear all the noise? No? This is because extra resources have been used here to reduce noise from both the inside and outside of the large windows.

One of the best ways to experience Sweden is to travel by train. If you take the coast-to-coast line to Gothenburg from Kalmar and Karlskrona, you may also see where Norconsult's railway advisers have come up with suggestions for improvements so that the capacity of this important train line can be increased in the future. Or - you can just sit back and watch Småland whiz past the train windows.

Once in Gothenburg, a visit to the West Coast's capital is not complete without a few hours in the  Liseberg amusement park. The new water park is not ready yet, but Slänggungan at Liseberg is fun for both young and old. If you've been here before, do you notice that it's now in a different place? When it had to be moved in 2018, Norconsult was tasked with dimensioning the new foundation for the carousel. We can guarantee that it is completely fixed - although it may not feel like it when you fly around up there.

The Roskilde Festival may have been canceled this year, but if you want to experience exciting architecture and Danish music history, take a trip to Ragnarock - the Danish rock museum in Roskilde outside Copenhagen. Interesting exhibitions, great architecture and happy people. Admittedly no concerts, but also no sea of ​​mud and nude races. And it will always be possible to get a small bayer.

In the old chalk quarry Lindholm Kridtgrav in Aalborg, you now find the fantastic residential area Lindholm Søpark with 44 family homes. Here the proximity to the water and exciting architecture make the area a great place to live. If you want to experience some summer days in the old chalk quarry, you can hope that some of the residents rent out their apartment on AirBnb this summer.

If you are not allowed to stay in Søparken, there is always a room in one of Scandinavia's largest hotels, Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport, just a few steps from the terminal building at Kastrup. If you have an early flight from Denmark - or you just like the atmosphere at large airports, then this hotel is perfect for you. The metro goes into Copenhagen city center from the airport terminal just a few meters from the hotel lobby, if you want to see something other than incoming planes and the ôresund bridge out there in the sea.

These are just a few selected projects, but see also, and for several projects from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, respectively.


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