Combined cycle gas turbine power plant in Myanmar

21. December 2015

Norconsult has completed a feasibility study and tendering process for the new 120 MW Thaton CCGT power plant in Myanmar.

Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise is the client and the World Bank is financing the project. NVE and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has financed Norconsult's contribution. The plant will replace an old and inefficient plant and will be constructed and ready to export power in less than two years.

The new plant will be substantially more fuel-efficient than the old plant, with a thermal efficiency more than twice as high as the old plant. The new plant will therefore generate more than twice as much power per year with the same fuel consumption as the old plant. The levelised unit cost per kWh will be significantly lower for this project than for other recently negotiated deals with IPPs in Myanmar, a significant cost saving for Myanmar.

Norconsult has been responsible for pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for the power plant, pre-qualification process, preparation of complete commercial and technical tender documentation package, detail evaluation of bids, contract negotiations and issue of complete contract documentation for contract award. The procurement process was performed in accordance with World Bank guidelines and procedures.

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