Annual report 2021

12. May 2022

Norconsult's annual report for 2021 has now been launched in Norwegian and English. For environmental reasons, the annual report is not printed, but is distributed as a reader-friendly pdf.

In addition to the statutory annual report, which provides a picture of the company's financial situation, the report contains an editorial section that describes the company's activities in important areas such as sustainability, digitalisation and employee culture in 2021.

This year we have also paid extra attention to our sustainability work, which is one of Norconsult's three strategic focus areas. We also describe our recruitment process, development opportunities for employees, and our initiatives within social responsibility and innovation. In addition, we celebrate the winners of this year's Norconsult Awards and present our largest market areas.

In the leader of the annual report, CEO Egil Hogna presents the company's new strategy and our purpose: Every day we improve everyday life. He also summarizes the previous strategy period where all four of our goals were achieved: satisfied employees, satisfied customers, growth and financial result.

Download the annual report here:

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