Tunnels and underground facilities

Norconsult offers complete services within the design of tunnels and underground facilities.

Norconsult has a large professional group consisting of more than 30 employees with extensive experience and cutting-edge expertise in the design of tunnel installations. The experience ranges from simple tunnel projects to the world's longest and deepest subsea road tunnels at Ryfast and Rogfast, as well as large railway projects such as the Ringerriksbanen. We have expertise in all subject areas within a tunnel project, and often work in collaboration with several other professional groups. The tunnel group is involved in all planning phases from early phase studies to construction planning and follow-up. We work closely with other infrastructure groups of the company and have a vital role in some of Norway's largest interdisciplinary road and rail projects. This includes both subsea tunnels as well as large and small road and railway tunnel projects within infrastructure facilities. All planning for new assignments is now performed in 3D / BIM-design.

Typical services provided by Norconsult in tunnels and underground facilities:

  • Road and railway tunnels.
  • Subsea road tunnels.
  • All tunnel types within road and railway projects.
  • Underground parking facilities and large underground water and sewage systems (treatment plants).
  • Technical interdisciplinary phase plans for construction implementation.
  • Progress plans for execution.
  • Cost estimates in all planning phases.
  • Concrete structures in 3D for water and frost protection, technical buildings, pumping stations.
  • 3D blasting plans with the Gemini tool.
  • Design of interdisciplinary solutions in 3D / BIM for all tunnel installations.
  • Traction pipes and water and drainage plans in 3D / BIM.
  • Rehabilitation of roads and railway tunnels.
  • Visualization, 3D-models and 3D-videos of projects.
  • Research and development projects.
  • Underground hydro power plants.


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