Solar power

Every day, large quantities of solar energy hits the earth. This energy is renewable and can be used to produce both heat and electricity. Norconsult has broad experience with solar power of both types and is involved in solar power projects both in Norway and internationally.

In Norway, most projects are related to energy efficient buildings, while internationally we typically work with large solar PV parks both for corporate clients and large utility scale project for independent power producers.

Solar energy can also be stored and be part of an integrated energy system. Solar collectors store solar energy as head and can easily be combined with other heat sources, be stored or used in district heating grids. Electricity from Solar PV plants can stored in batteries and/or supply power to the grid.

Services for solar power include inter alia:

  • Project development (permitting, E&S, land, legal)
  • Energy yield calculations
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Tender design and tender documents
  • Owners Engineer role during construction
  • Grid connection
  • Environmental and social impact assessment

We also have cutting edge competence in evaluation and design of PV systems integrated with other renewables such as hydropower or wind energy.


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