Process simulations

Norconsult has excellent competence with process simulations for industrial processes, especially within oil & gas, biogas, hydrogen, CO2 and the metals industry. We are using Unisim to perform both static and dynamic process simulations which provide value to the client in all project phases.

Process simulations give valuable insights in challenges related to design and performance already at the early project phases. Operational scenarios can be investigated via process simulations, which result in a better understanding of the design and optimalization of the facility. The benefits of discovering process related challenges already at an early stage usually lead to cost reduction in the next project phases and reduces risks.

Process simulations can be used to calculate variations in phase transitions (multiphase flow), temperature and pressure in industrial equipment. Also, it allows for design and optimalization of heat exchanger networks (e.g., LNG cascade systems), waste heat recovery systems and pipe flow (sizing and heat loss). The process simulations software allows Norconsult to simulate the whole value chain: production, transportation, storage and export. Also, challenges such as production bottlenecks are identified and hence capacity increased.

Norconsult’s process team has extensive experience in modelling and simulation of:

  • Hydrogen cascade filling, from storage tanks to ships
  • Hydrogen compressor system evaluation: layout and energy consumption analysis
  • Biogas pipeline modelling upstream compression station
  • Biogas upgrading to CBG via compression, cooling and purification
  • Pipeline modelling for CO2 and oil & gas transportation
  • LNG liquefaction with cascade heat exchanger systems
  • LNG tank storage, with liquefaction of BOG and regasification
  • Compressor and pump stations for multiphase flow with separation
  • Oil & gas equipment sizing and process facility optimization 


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Dejan Doder
Coordinator Oil and gas market
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Magnus Printzell Halvorsen
Senior advisor