Port and Coastal Engineering

Norconsult can offer the largest team of port and coastal engineers in Norway, with specialists located at many of our offices along the Norwegian coast.

Norconsult established its department of port and coastal engineering over 40 years ago, which is now the leading group of specialists within this field in Norway. Our team consists of more than 35 specialists with broad experience in port planning, port facility design, coastal engineering and construction of marine infrastructure. The team works closely with our colleagues with expertise in onshore power supply, LNG and hydrogen bunkering facilities, remediation and management of contaminated sediments, environmental engineering, and more.

Sustainability is at the core of our services, and we aim to reduce our clients’ environmental footprint. We calculate the carbon footprint of construction in our port projects and cooperate with the environmental engineers in Norconsult to find the best solutions for the projects and for the environment. 

Our Port and Coastal Engineering team offer consultancy services within

  • concept and feasibility studies
  • detail engineering
  • construction management and site management
  • condition analyses and lifetime assessments
  • design of rehabilitation and strengthening measures
  • project cost estimation and financing assessments
  • wind and wave analyses
  • mooring analyses
  • port planning
  • structural and geotechnical engineering for jetty facilities
  • wave protection and breakwaters
  • dredging of polluted sediments
  • onshore power supply and technical infrastructure
  • terminal planning and landscape architecture
  • calculations of carbon footprint for construction projects


Profile picture of Trygve Isaksen
Trygve Isaksen
Head of Department
Profile picture of Maiken Lyden Eng
Maiken Lyden Eng
Project Manager