Mobility and transport planning

Norconsult sees mobility, transport and urban development in context.

Norconsult has a strong professional group in mobility and transport planning. Our expertise is linked to conditions that can influence the choice of means of travel, both physical and otherwise.

We have large capacity and strong expertise in model development and transport analyses. Norconsult is one of the most proficient Norwegian consultancies in the use of regional strategic transport models (RTM) for calculating traffic effects. In transport analyses, the traffic and the socio-economic effects are closely integrated - we have good experience with calculating the priced consequences of measures within transport.

New forms of mobility and smart infrastructure could provide new conditions for transport planning. We are conscious of seeing planning and mobility in context in order to develop future-oriented transport solutions and good living and urban environments.

We carry out various types of assignments for planning public transport and have extensive experience in everything from assessing the market basis for public transport to more detailed analyses of measures.

Our services include:
• Transport analyses
• Transport model calculations
• Ticket and revenue analyses - public transport
• Public transport strategies
• Mobility strategies
• Parking strategies
• Travel habits surveys
• GIS analyses
• Capacity calculations and traffic simulations
• Road safety analyses


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Edel Hovland Nordang
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