Landscape Architecture

The landscape architects of Norconsult possess a long experience in developing outdoor spaces with a great range regarding scale, expression, and scope. A passion and dedication towards our field combined with knowledge facilitate our landscape architects to create spaces with detail to design and function that leads to foster healthy and resilient communities.

Norconsult develops projects in all phases, from conceptual design to the construction phase of a project. Our landscape architects create outdoor spaces within areas of transport, city development and urban spaces, greenery and parks, industry, sports arenas, and education facilities.

In a world that is in constant development, our landscape architects are committed to shaping lasting landscape architecture with great respect for nature and the surrounding ecosystems. Our work strives to create spaces for people through design that secures the quality of life, housing, and urban spaces. Lasting solutions and sustainability are in the essence of everything we create from blue and green structures to vegetation landscapes, cityscapes, and social arenas.

We believe our multidisciplinary way of working sets a basis for our ensured quality of design. As landscape architects, we have a responsibility to look at spaces in an overall context and coordinate with the different disciplines.

Our landscape architects are skilled in several visualization tools and apply these based on the project's need.



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Hilda Øfsthus