Geotechnics is highly relevant in most construction projects. Whether concerning the development of water or wind power plants, industrial buildings, infrastructure, quays and port facilities, housing development or municipal technical facilities.

The geotechnical environment in Norconsult has a cutting-edge expertise that covers a wide range of geotechnical challenges like traditional foundations, stability assessments and complex FEM analyses. Digital solutions and 3D modelling are thoroughly incorporated in our work.

At Norconsult, we cooperate both interdisciplinary and nationally. In addition to a strong presence at the head quarter in Sandvika, there are several geotechnicians spread across our offices in Norway, including Tromsø, Bodø, Steinkjer, Trondheim, Molde, Sogndal, Hardanger, Stavanger and Haugesund. Our geotechnicians offer extensive experience and carry out geotechnical design, both in their own assignments and as a part of larger interdisciplinary assignments in Norconsult.


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