Fire safety

Norconsult has a wide interdisciplinary group with cutting-edge expertise in all areas that affect fire safety.

With more than 70 fire safety consultants, Norconsult is Norway's leading group within fire safety consulting. We provide fire safety consulting for all types of buildings, oil and gas plants, industry, power plants, infrastructure and underground facilities.

In addition to providing traditional fire safety consulting with the design of fire safety strategy for buildings and facilities, we are often involved in fire-related R&D projects and have assisted with the preparation of National guidelines and regulations. Norconsult has central approval for fire safety engineering design, control of design and control of execution in project class 3.

Our consultants provide cutting-edge expertise within fire safety strategies for all building types, 3D fire safety models in Revit, building condition assessment, risk analysis, and performance based design, in addition to fire, smoke, and egress simulations.

As fire safety consultants, Norconsult is involved in all phases of a construction project:


  • Fire safety engineering design of buildings
  • 3D fire safety models in Revit
  • Risk analysis - ROS, fire risk analysis, rough analyses, fault tree analyses, event tree analyses
  • Explosion safety - Zone classification EX areas, pressure relief surfaces, consequence reduction measures, property protection
  • Documentation of solutions by analysis
  • Calculation of building constructions’ fire resistance and fire insulation
  • Calculation of smoke and fire ventilation
  • Fire, smoke and egress simulations and calculations
  • CFD simulations
  • Third-party quality control of fire safety design performed by other companies
  • Fire safety consulting with regards to the choice of solutions, products and materials
  • Design and control of sprinkler systems, other types of fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems and guidance system / emergency lighting
  • Fire protection drawings
  • Structural fire engineering for materials such as steel, concrete and timber


  • Control of execution of building and technical measures
  • Maintenance of fire safety during the construction period
  • Detail clarifications of fire safety solutions, products and materials


  • Control of execution on site compared with designed solutions
  • Submission of MOM documentation


  • Fire safety condition registration / status report / risk analysis of existing building
  • Preparation of risk analysis and action plan for the operational phase according to requirements in regulations on fire prevention and internal control regulations
  • Preparation of fire documentation / fire folder according to requirements in regulations on fire prevention
  • Preparation of evacuation plans, contingency plans and instructions adapted to the individual business
  • Courses and training
  • Assistance after inspection by the fire department
  • Fire drills with accompanying documentation
  • Assistance in reporting flammable substances to The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)


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Ole Henry Hallgren
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