Environmental Consultancy

Norconsult works extensively within a wide range of environmental disciplines to provide our clients with robust assessments and clear advice to ensure that environmental issues are identified and managed appropriately. Our environmental consultants undertake both free-standing appraisals as well as forming part of multidisciplinary teams for larger planning and construction commissions.

Environmental consultancy incorporates a wide range of disciplines and issues, and key to Norconsult’s success is our knowledge and ability to draw on the correct disciplines at the correct time. Our environmental consultants ensure a sound understanding of environmental and legislative issues to assist our clients in achieving their project aims.

Key services which Norconsult can provide include:

  • Environmental consultancy in all project phases, from feasibility studies through project design/appraisal to construction phase.
  • Environmental assessments, surveys and appraisals.
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) including all disciplines.
  • Environmental management planning – this includes specific plans required by individual regulators such as for roads, railways and power production/transmission.
  • Environmental consultancy and follow-up in accordance with CEEQUAL and BREEAM through our certified advisors.
  • Specialist services relating to the natural environment including surveys, mapping and assessment.
  • Dialogue with environmental regulators and other public authorities.
  • Assistance in the preparation of guidelines and regulations.


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