Norconsult has one of Norway's foremost bridge groups with significant experience and cutting-edge expertise in all relevant bridge types. This ranges from smaller infrastructure projects to Norway's longest suspension bridge span; Hardangerbrua.

Bridge types Norconsult delivers include suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, floating bridges, cantilever bridges, arch bridges, box girder bridges, beam bridges, slab bridges, truss bridges and swing bridges.

Norconsult has expertise in all construction materials in bridges, such as concrete, steel and timber. We have been vital in the design of the largest timber bridges for vehicles built in Norway in recent years.

The bridges are often designed in collaboration with our own or external architects. When designing, the most optimal solution is chosen based on technical, aesthetic and economic considerations, in addition to functionality requirements, construction implementation and environmental considerations. This is often done in collaboration with several other professional groups in the company. The bridge group is involved in all planning phases from early-phase studies to construction planning and follow-up.

Typical services Norconsult provides within bridges:

  • Design of large and special bridges
  • Bridges and other infrastructures in interdisciplinary projects
  • Follow-up on the construction site
  • Classification of existing bridges
  • Visualization / 3D / BIM
  • Drawingless design and construction processes (Full BIM)
  • Research and development projects

We provide services within


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