Norconsult has experience and market-leading expertise in both land-based aquaculture facilities and floating structures in exposed sea areas.

The aquaculture industry has experienced exceptional growth in recent decades. The industry has had to adapt and develop at great speed. Norconsult has assisted by facilitating good processes and efficiency measures by drawing on long experience from well-established market areas such as industry, transport and energy.

Norconsult wants to facilitate sustainable growth in the industry through comprehensive planning, focusing on communication and innovative solutions. We can assist customers in all stages of a new aquaculture project as well as modification or maintenance of existing facilities, or advice within specialist areas.

Norconsult has expertise in all relevant disciplines, such as:

  • Concept development, feasibility studies and pilot projects.
  • Contact with the authorities, zoning plans, environmental impact assessments, license applications, etc.
  • Construction client assistance, project management and control, construction management.
  • Quality assurance, procurement, and contract support.
  • Condition assessment of existing facilities and assistance with documentation according to NS 9416.
  • HSE, risk and vulnerability assessment.
  • Process plant, incl. water purification and recycling (RAS plant).
  • Tank, pipe and pump dimensions for handling of water, fish and fish feed.
  • Architecture, civil engineering, fire engineering, electrical, and heating, ventilation and sanitation.
  • Infrastructure, port facilities, water and sewage facilities, roads, etc.
  • Mooring and stability analyses, wave and current measurements and analyses.
  • Design of marine structures and operations.
  • Hydrodynamic analyses including sloshing.
  • Power supply and energy optimization, as well as alternative energy sources such as wind and solar.
  • Automation and process monitoring.
  • Fish biology and physiology.
  • Fluid analysis (CFD) and limnology.
  • Environmental surveys and ground surveys.
  • Waste management and biogas

By offering high quality advice and capacity, we can help clients achieve significant cost savings and plan for the most efficient path towards the realization of the project and start-up of operations.


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