Our acousticians provide advice across the entire field of acoustics. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer the highest expertise in building acoustics, room and concert hall acoustics, AV technology, vibrations and industrial and social noise pollution. We have extensive experience in planning projects large and small, such as housing, healthcare facilities, schools, offices, industrial premises, sports facilities, churches, music studios, and more. We also have solid, extensive experience in concert halls and arenas.

Designing a functional, locally adapted audio-visual system that meets everyone’s needs and comes in on budget is a process that demands great knowledge and experience. We design every possible kind of audio-visual equipment to serve everything from small rooms to huge concert halls. We develop systems solutions for sound and vision and control technology customized for the user.

Norconsult works with concert hall acoustics, stage technology and AV technology under the Akustikon brand. While our specialist team works primarily in venues for the performing arts, it also handles other premises with challenging acoustics such as churches, sports facilities and recording studios.



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Andreas Hübinette
Team Manager Acoustics