Norconsult has extensive expertise with hydrogen. We offer innovative solutions that provides added value to our customers in the search of a low-emission society. Norway has more than 90 years of experience with hydrogen and started as early as 1927 with water electrolysis at Rjukan, where hydrogen was applied in fertilizer production. Hydrogen, as an efficient and environmentally friendly energy carrier, has a significant potential to reduce the CO2 emissions both nationally and globally.

Norconsult has extensive experience with hydrogen in the design of facilities for production, compression, liquefaction and storage, as well as solutions for transport and bunkering to ships. Norconsult can offer complete engineering, including equipment specification, material selection, cost assessment and dynamic process simulations. Norconsult provides services within all disciplines and project phases, as well as project management.

Norconsult has highly specialized personnel with experience in safety analysis and risk management for both public and private actors. This includes safety assessments in connection with the handling of gases and other flammable materials as well as governmental follow-up and third-party inspections.

Norconsult has deep insight into the entire value chain for hydrogen and can contribute with design and services within:


  • Marine sector
  • Transport sector
  • Process plants


  • Project management
  • Investment analysis (CAPEX, OPEX and NPV)
  • Procurement strategy and tender documents
  • Layout
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning
  • Safety and risk assessments
  • Consequence analysis
  • Dynamic process simulation
  • Hydrogen production and storage
  • Hydrogen compression
  • Hydrogen liquefaction
  • Material selection
  • Bunkering solutions
  • Hybrid solutions with hydrogen


Profile picture of Øystein Hundseth
Øystein Hundseth
Head of department
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Stian Carl Erichsen
Vice President Business Development