Norconsult has developed unique competence in this area from planning and designing both domestic and international projects.


Norconsult has been involved in transportation planning and engineering throughout the world and has designed and supervised the construction of bridges in Norway, Iraq, Kenya, Mauritius, Sudan, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda and Philippines. These bridges are of various types and sizes and have been designed to carry road and rail traffic, as well as infrastructure pipework and cable networks across small streams, wide rivers, straits and fjords.

Norconsult offers a full range of engineering competence for bridge projects. The extensive experience achieved through a multitude of international bridge and transportation projects over the last decades ensures the Client professional advice through all phases of a construction project, from initial conception and feasibility studies through preparation of tender documents, prequalification of contractors and bid evaluation, as well as detailed design,
construction supervision and post construction monitoring and maintenance schedules.

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Profile picture of Magnar Myhre
Magnar Myhre
Head of Bridge Engineering, Norconsult
Profile picture of Eirik Wie Furunes
Eirik Wie Furunes
Head of Bridge Engineering, Bergen
Profile picture of Bård Fredrik Linge
Bård Fredrik Linge
Head of Bridge Engineering, Trondheim