Oil & Gas

Oil and gas projects require a high degree of multidisciplinary services, large capacity and sound experience from the execution of high complexity projects, involving many parties and tight schedules. Experience, top expertise and multi-discipline understanding during the design phase as well as thorough knowledge of contracts, planning and site execution are vital in order to carry out a successful project. Norconsult Oil & Gas has acquired such competencies over many years.

Norconsult is an independent multi-discipline engineering contractor based in Norway, with head office in Sandvika. No external companies have commercial interest in Norconsult, and it is 100% owned by its employees. No link to vendors or contractors makes Norconsult able to establish and raise the best recommendations to the Client, not coloured by underlying strategic preferences, or conflict of interest.

Norconsult Oil & Gas services includes work in all project phases.


Profile picture of Henning Vellene
Henning Vellene
Director Oil and gas market
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Thor Eirik Ruud
Coordinator, Oil and gas market