Renewable energy

In more than 90 years in Norway and 60 years internationally, Norconsult has helped shaping the sustainable power development and energy supply.

We have participated in nearly 80 percent of the tremendously successful Norwegian hydropower development and has been an integral part of developing world class, cost effective design. Through decades developed our special services for the benefit of our customers and offer full range of service across all areas of Energy sector.

Our services span from energy advisory through front end consulting and feasibility studies through detailed engineering and contracting, construction management and commissioning.

As being continuously advising on the mature and aging Hydropower fleet in Norway, Norconsult has developed specific competencies in specialized services regarding instrumentation, measurement, re-evaluations for extension or re-investments for extending/optimizing life time of hydropower.

Norconsult’s gave birth to the World’s first fully paperless/digitally engineered and constructed Hydropower Project, Vamma 12, and are now fully equipped and have several projects in HPP and Infrastructure, solely executed without drawings by Building Information Modelling (BIM). Hence, Norconsult remains in the forefront of developing the industry as frontrunner’s in digital engineering.

With 500 employed in Energy and large competence groups in specialized hydropower services, Norconsult is one of the most complete Energy advisors with full range capacities in Hydropower added by unique service lines and products.


Profile picture of Hege Iversen
Hege Iversen
Vice President. Head of International Energy