Norconsult has extensive experience in creating excellent physical environments with values that promote good architecture and local development.

With more than 750 architects, in just a few years the Norconsult Group has established itself as the largest architectural group in Norway and one of the largest in the Nordic region. We  cover multiple market segments and engage in a wide range of projects that distinguish our constructed environment. Norconsult has a large community of designers and planners consisting of architects, landscape architects , interior architects , school planners and lighting designers. You will find our buildings and installations in everything from airports and waterworks to schools and nursery schools. This confirms us as Norway’s leading, nationwide architectural group, with many large and small architecture offices across the Nordics.

We work with small and large complex tasks and acquire specialized knowledge where necessary.

We have extensive expertise in design at all levels, from programming and feasibility studies to detailed design and site supervision.

We also perform the role of responsible applicant.

Architecture will help strengthen Norconsult’s overall business. The acquisition of Nordic –Office of Architecture in 2018 and a number of architectural companies in 2019, confirms Norconsult’s strong focus on architectural disciplines. Our large resource pools in all  architectural disciplines allows us to adopt ambitious goals and ideals as architects. It is inspiring to link this with Norconsult’s extensive experience and strength in engineering disciplines. This means that we execute all our projects with an interdisciplinary, uniform and credible approach. Our focus on enduring architecture, enduring beauty and enduring life ensures quality, innovation and forward-looking choices This is why we call ourselves the architectural office of the future.

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Thora Heieraas
Market Director Architecture