Our innovation process gave Statoil a lot of new ideas and options
The goal is to make sure no stone is left unturned
The starting point

We were challenged by Statoil to help find new and better alternatives to an already drafted overall layout for the terminal plant at Veidnes, in the north of Norway.

The focus was on cost reductions and more flexible technical solutions.

"It is of great value to the project to know that we have verified the soundness of our overall layouts."

Rolf Jacobsen, project manager, Statoil

The solution

Our innovation process relies on the use of well tested creative technigues.

To make sure all new ideas have a fair chance of surviving, they were scored against a pre-agreed scoringe criteria.

The innovation process stretched over three months and involved approximately 40 professionals from four companies involved in the project.

The issues were both the plants' cost intensive building blocks as well as the overall layout.

Our main challenge in the creative process was to break the participants away from the existing solutions.

Then, we had to protect the new ideas from being shot down by a constant comparison to the original draft.

The result


separate ideas


The innovation process produced approximately 180 separate ideas.

After the evaluation phase, a number of ideas were given directly to the project management to take forward and integrate into the project.

Other ideas are currently being explored further before a final decision will be made.

"In addition, the way the process was run by the Norconsult innovation team created a very important team building effect"

Rolf Jacobsen, project manager, Statoil

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Cecilia Jahr
Head of Innovation