In Gambela, Western Ethiopia, the lowland is fertile and the water recourses are sufficient for agriculture.
Norconsult has developed a building concept including a system for storing energy called SolarHouse.
The starting point

The Saudi Star Agricultural Development wants to develop sustainable camps that will provide for new agricultural settlement that can be successful both for the region and the country. The challenges to create a truly sustainable camp are many, such as: aim for low energy consumption, pure water, wastewater treatment, waste treatment, education and self sufficient, to create a stable surrounding that will provide for better life conditions for generations to come etc.

Norconsult has developed a building concept including a system for storing energy - SolarHouse.

The solution

SolarHouse's basic function is the photovoltaic solar cells that are placed on the roof. During the day the solar cells produce electricity for the chiller. The chiller supplies both fan coils and accumulation tank wth coolant carrier. During the night the Fancoils are supplied with coolant carrier from the accumulation tank. The stored cooling capacity in the accumulator tank is enough to cool the house when the sun is set. This provides a system that uses maximum PV power capacity with no further need for imported electricity than to run the fans and circulations pump during the evening and night.

Norconsult has a patent pending for the SolarHouse system
(no: PCT/ SE2006/001301, GCC2007/9483).

The result

The first camp will make a model for the future. With the use of natural and stabile technical solutions we will be able to build a camp that saves 60% of the energy compared to a normal campsite. Water and waste will be taken care of in a sustainable way.

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