Norconsult is Norway's largest and one of the leading multidisciplinary consultancy firms in the Nordic region. Our services are geared towards community planning and design, and we have become a leading player both nationally and internationally.

With innovative and targeted advice, we contribute to a sustainable and healthy community. We are engaged in all aspects of development, from initial concepts to master plans, engineering and operational support.

Annually, we perform thousands of projects for public and private clients both home and abroad.

Norconsult is owned by its employees, which has a special impact on the spirit of the company and the passion people bring to work. It also impacts our clients' experience with interacting with our consultants. We can advise them independently, free from the influence of external shareholders.

    Norconsult has worked on international projects in more than 150 countries over the past 50 years. We are both a sought-after partner for Norwegian companies abroad, as well as for local companies where we have a presence.

    We focus especially on selected markets in South America, southern Africa and South-East Asia, where we have established local offices. In addition, we establish project offices in other locations when required, and are also constantly considering the establishment of more offices in new regions.

    A cornerstone of international activities is having local presence in priority markets. Norconsult has local staff present in all its areas, and build local organizations, in combination with expertise from Norway.

    Although Norconsult as a company offers a complete range of services, we focus on certain services internationally:

    Norconsult is one of the leading consulting engineering companies in power generation, energy supply and water resources planning with 80 years of experience in Norway and 50 years of international operations.

    Oil and Gas
    Oil and gas projects require a high degree of multidisciplinary services, large capacity and sound experience from the execution of high complexity projects, involving many parties and tight schedules. Experience, expertise and multi-discipline understanding during the design phase as well as thorough knowledge of contracts, planning and site execution are vital in order to carry out a successful project. Norconsult has acquired such competencies over many years.

    Rock engineering and engineering geology
    Norway is a mountainous country, and Norwegians have learned to live with the landscape, as well as making the most advantageous use of its characteristics. Norconsult's expertise regarding the utilisation of underground space is well known, both at home and abroad, and we are in the forefront of developing the "Underground Solution".

    Norconsult is currently one of the foremost companies carrying out planning and design of transportation projects in Norway. Simultaneously, our international experience within the transportation sector is substantial.

    Norconsult is owned by its employees, which has a special impact on the spirit of the company and the passion people bring to work.

    It also impacts our clients' experience with interacting with our consultants and allows the advantage of being able to focus on constantly developing ourselves as well as our clients, without pressure from external shareholders.

    We challenge status quo, ensure innovation in every project, and continuously improve our business model to respond to evolving needs of our clients.

    Norconsult focus on creativity and innovation in a deliberate and systematic way. We offer expertise in the management of creative processes and focus on innovation in all major assignments.

    Norconsult's established innovation program helps to build and develop the skills and knowledge of creative processes and innovation management in projects. The expertise is actively communicated to customers in each project. 
    We call the concept in our creative work on projects for Co-Creation.

    Norconsult's quality system is specially developed for our core business: Planning and carrying out projects of every size, with a broad range of professional skills, for a wide variety of clients. Quality and professionalism in all phases of a project provide the most important basis for the success and development of the company and its staff.

    Our quality system meets all the relevant requirements of ISO 9001.

    The company's social responsibilities in the markets it operates, as well as the respect for local laws and regulations are key business success factors.

    Norconsult's corporate values are based upon good business practice, honesty and respect for other people, and the company's statutes and operations comply with the general requirements, codes of ethics and quality assurance policies of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).

    Norconsult contributes to a sustainable society and environment through innovative and targeted consulting services.
    We use our expertise in environmental, safety/risk and preparedness and shown dedication to community vulnerability in both counseling and in the choice of solutions. 

    Norconsult is aware of the influence our advice has for people who lives, works and lives in the communities where our projects are. We use our multidisciplinary expertise actively to ensure that all social considerations are taken care of in our projects thus ensuring the best possible outcome for both the client and the local community.

    Norconsult shall show responsibility by taking care of the nature and environment, both by minimizing environmental impacts associated with our own activities and influence of environmental friendly solutions in our projects.

    In a world where greenhouse gas emissions are steadily increasing, Norconsult focuses heavily on renewable energy and works actively against the emission of greenhouse gases.

    Norconsult is keen to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and partners, and has established several measures to address this. All employees go through a course of our quality system, which is based on our core business: Planning and execution of projects of all sizes with a broad range of expertise and great variety of clients. The quality system meets all relevant requirements of ISO 9001.

    In addition Norconsult has a separate policy for internal control of health, safety and environment and a system that meets the Internal Regulations.

    Our business is based on value creation through project. Annually the company carries over 10,000 small and large projects both nationally and internationally.

    Norconsult has expanded the range of services, capacity and geographic presence through organic growth, creation of new businesses and acquisitions. The company's financial strength, expertise and market position provides a solid foundation for further business.

    Financial information about Norconsult is described in the Company's annual report.

    Download the annual reports here:

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