Norconsult A/S in Denmark, headquartered in Herlev, is opening a new branch in Viborg

Norconsult A/S has a long-standing aim to strengthen the company’s position in the Jutland consulting market, and the opening of the new office in Viborg is an important step to achieving this.

Published: 2016-11-10

The department comprises a highly experienced team of twelve providing construction solutions.

CEO for Norconsult Denmark, Thomas Bolding Rasmussen, is looking forward to the opportunities this new office will offer.

– With the new department, we are now better able to provide consulting services in close cooperation with customers and clients. We have been able to recruit a highly skilled team with significant experience within consulting and I am confident that the new department will very quickly become a great asset for Norconsult Group, says Mr. Rasmussen.

The department in Viborg is headed by Jørgen Friedrich, and includes several individuals with strong reputations in the consulting market:

  • Henry Sørensen Schmidt contributes with extensive knowledge and experience of electrical disciplines as well as safety and security.
  • Per Møller Mathiesen is a DGNB consultant and certified passive house designer, working with energy, environment and technical installations.
  • Hans Grønning has extensive experience in designing technical installations including medical gases.
  • Martha Quist Ramsgaard has solid experience in construction and project management.
  • Jørgen Bach is a certified structural engineer and has a master's degree in fire engineering.
  • Per Kromann works with statics and structural design.

The department also has a group of technical designers with extensive experience in BIM and digital design.

Norconsult's new office is located at Tingvej 11.3, 8800 Viborg, Denmark.

Norconsult A/S in Denmark, headquartered in Herlev, is opening a new branch in Viborg.
(Photo: Norconsult)

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