From left: Janicke P. Garmann and Tom Baade-Mathiesen
Norconsult has recently appointed two new divisional vice presidents, Janicke P. Garmann and Tom Baade-Mathiesen. Both are recruited internally, Garmann comes from a role as Head of the environmental section and Baade-Mathiesen Head of the Water and wastewater conduction systems section.

Janicke P. Garmann
Janicke P. Garmann is a graduate of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and has a total of over 15 years of diverse experience in environmental work and leadership. She has been employed in Norconsult for almost 7 years, and in addition to head up the Environmental section, she has worked with environmental monitoring, health and environmentally hazardous substances in buildings, waste, contaminated soil and general environmental issues. She sits on the board of RIF (Association of Consulting Engineers, Norway) and Lindum AS, and has served 4 years on the Norconsult board.

Previously, she worked on environmental labeling, including as acting director of the Foundation or Ecolabel in Norway for about 3 years, with responsibility for the Foundation's operations. She also has 4 years experience from the environmental section at Hjellnes Cowi.

Tom Baade-Mathiesen
Tom Baade-Mathiesen is well known among Norway's water and wastewater professionals. He recently received the award as RIF's champion of 2010 for his work and efforts on RIF's analysis of the infrastructure in Norway through the report "State of the Nation." In addition, Tom is on RIF's expert panel on water and wastewater and is a frequent lecturer, in addition to delivering several publications and articles every year.

Before Norconsult, Baade-Mathiesen worked at the advisory company Elliot Strømme from 1985 until it was incorporated as part of Berdal Strømme in 1989, and then Norconsult after that. He also has experience from the Oslo Water and Sewerage Works.

At Norconsult, Baade-Mathiesen has managed several large and comprehensive interdisciplinary projects, framework agreements with Fredrikstad, Drammen and Oslo municipalities, Ulven - Sinsen, Oslo Airport Gardermoen and other key urban development and transport projects.

Both divisional VPs have started in their roles.

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